Immerse outdoor spaces in melodic wonders with AMV Playgrounds' Outdoor Musical Instruments. Discover durable instruments that inspire rhythmic exploration, turning play areas into harmonious havens. From vibrant xylophones to interactive drums, our collection fosters creativity and musical joy outdoors. Explore the world of Outdoor Musical Instruments at AMV Playgrounds, and let the sounds of imagination resonate through your play environment.

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Outdoor Musical Instruments

There has been a growing interest in incorporating outdoor musical instruments into school playgrounds in recent years.

These instruments offer a unique blend of play and learning opportunities, allowing children to explore and create music in an interactive outdoor environment.

By integrating these musical tools into playground designs, schools are not only enriching their educational offerings but also promoting cultural and artistic growth among students.

Ideal for primary schools and nurseries, we have a wide range of outdoor musical instruments to cater for a diverse range of outdoor spaces and playground environments.

With over 35 years of experience in enhancing children's learning and development through play, AMV Playgrounds are proud to offer an extensive range of outdoor musical instruments that set new standards in playground equipment.

Outdoor Musical Instruments

Benefits of outdoor musical instruments

Outdoor musical instruments are not only a great source of fun but also a powerful educational tool that supports a wide range of developmental benefits for children.

These include cognitive enhancements and emotional growth which are integral to a well-rounded educational approach.

Outdoor musical instruments play a crucial role in boosting cognitive abilities among children. Playing a musical instrument can improve a child’s memory as they are required to recall and remember certain notes, rhythms and sequences.

It also boosts their problem-solving skills as learning musical patterns and rhythms involves analytical thought, where children recognise to play certain notes in a sequential order.

Playing outdoor musical instruments also provides children with physical benefits, contributing to a better health and improved motor skills as children learn hand-eye coordination.

Other benefits that outdoor musical instruments bring to a school include enhanced emotional and social development among children.

Playing music in groups requires teamwork and helps children learn how to cooperate with others, an essential social skill. It also children to express feelings and thoughts through music, which may be difficult to articulate verbally, particularly in younger children.

Through the introduction of outdoor musical instruments in playgrounds, AMV Playgrounds is dedicated to fostering an environment where children can grow intellectually, physically, and emotionally, all while enjoying the enriching world of music.

Popular outdoor musical instruments

Virtuoso Musical Multi Chimes

The Virtuoso Musical Multi Chimes are an 8 piece set of aluminium tube chimes and a popular choice among headteachers and purchasing managers in schools and nurseries across the UK.

Featuring notes C4 to C5 all with their own rubber mallet to produce superb sound quality. Also, for your convenience each chime features its own tuned note C-C which are mounted onto each individual chime.

The set of chimes is ASTM compliant with no protrusion failures and includes our new softer feel rubber mallet tethered with a high strength stainless steel cable.

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Bongos (set of 5)

Our Bongos comes in a set of 5 and are a great addition to any outdoor musical instrument collection within primary schools or nurseries.

They are full size and offer great sound in an outdoor environment, and colour coded to aid children’s development and facilitate learning.

The bongos are incredibly durable and able to withstand the elements and any impact damage, constructed with HDPE drum tubes and caps.

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PlayTronic Piano Musical Play Panel

The PlayTronic Piano Musical Play Panel is a popular choice for primary schools, giving children a great opportunity to play the piano while on the playground.

Electronic sounds are integrated into the play panel and adds a sense of realism and interaction for the children. The electronic components are sealed within the casing to ensure it is safe and stands the test of time.

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Selecting the right outdoor musical instruments for your school

Choosing the right combination of outdoor musical instruments for your school's playground involves careful consideration.

These choices should align not only with the physical layout and space available in your school, but also with the educational objectives and needs of your students.

Large instruments such as the ranges of multi chimes may be suitable for bigger playgrounds, while smaller outdoor spaces may benefit from smaller instruments such as the Virtuoso Musical range.

It is important to ensure there is enough room for children to move and play freely around the instruments without crowding.

If you require help in selecting the right outdoor musical instruments for your school or nursery, talk to our team who will be happy to help. We are here to help you select the right pieces of equipment to suit your school’s requirements.

Our team can help with playground equipment recommendations, technical advice, materials selection, equipment designs to suit your specific school and much more.

How can AMV Playgrounds help with your outdoor musical instrument requirements?

Our team here at AMV Playgrounds works with headteachers and purchasing managers daily from primary schools and nurseries.

We also work closely with architects, main contractors, and sub-contractors who are working on educational projects and looking to specify suitable playground equipment.

Whether you are at the early stages of considering playground equipment for your school or you are scoping out suitable and specific equipment pieces, we are here to help you.

We are proud to be a UK manufacturer of school playground equipment and furniture, with an uncompromising commitment to the very highest standards of quality in the design and construction of outdoor musical instruments and the rest of our school playground equipment.

You can rest assured that when you buy your school playground equipment from AMV Playgrounds it will stand the test of time, meaning it will be an investment that will last long into the future.

All our playground equipment is made in our UK-based factory, by skilled tradesmen, and come with an extensive 25-year warranty against rust and corrosion.

Quality as well as health and safety are an integral part of our management function, ensuring that the safety of our staff and customers in everything we do is a fundamental obligation of our company. We operate ISO 9001 quality assurance in addition to other leading industry accreditations.

Finally, AMV Playgrounds is fully committed to minimising potential negative impacts on the environment arising from our company’s operations. This is in line with the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy.

Our approach to playground design focuses on creating spaces that challenge and engage children, encouraging physical activity, imaginative play, and social interaction in a safe setting.

We are here to help realise your vision of a better playground environment for your school’s children.

Contact our team today on telephone 01704 898 919, email sales@amvplaygrounds.co.uk, or view the product selections above.