Elevate playtime to new heights with our meticulously crafted structures, designed for boundless imagination and active fun. Engineered for durability and safety, each frame and tower promise a playground adventure that captivates and inspires.
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Transforming school playgrounds with play frames and towers

Here at AMV Playgrounds, we believe in the power of play to shape young minds and bodies.

With over 35 years of experience in enhancing children's learning and development through play, we're proud to offer an extensive range of play frames and towers that set new standards in playground equipment.

Ideal for primary schools and nurseries, we have a wide range of climbing frames and play towers to cater for a diverse range of outdoor spaces.

Designed to inspire adventurous play, they offer numerous benefits including promoting physical fitness, enhancing motor skills, and encouraging imaginative play. Our play frames and climbing towers are crafted to challenge and engage children, helping to support their overall development in a fun and safe manner.

Also, our commitment to safety, quality, and educational value ensures that every piece of equipment we provide stands the test of time and is a wise investment for head teachers and purchasing managers.

Play Frames and Towers

Benefits of play frames and towers

Play frames are a popular choice for school playgrounds. They typically feature ladders, ropes, and climbing walls that challenge children to climb and explore.

Climbing towers are larger playground structures that often include multiple levels, slides, and climbing elements. These structures provide children with a variety of play opportunities, from sliding down a slide to climbing up a rope ladder.

Whether you opt for play frames or towers, or a selection of both, here are the benefits they bring to your pupils:

Physical development

School playground frames encourage children to engage in physical activities such as climbing, swinging, and balancing. These activities help improve children's strength, coordination, and balance, contributing to their overall physical development.

Social skills

Playground frames provide opportunities for children to interact with their friends and peers, collaborate, and engage in imaginative play. These social interactions help children develop important social skills such as communication, cooperation, and problem-solving.

Cognitive development

Playing on playground frames can also stimulate children's cognitive development. By navigating the different structures and challenges, children can improve their problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and decision-making abilities.

Emotional well-being

Engaging in outdoor play on playground frames can have a positive impact on children's emotional well-being. Physical activity and play can help reduce stress, improve mood, and boost self-esteem.

Creativity and imagination

School playground frames provide a canvas for children to unleash their creativity and imagination. Whether they are pretending to be pirates on a ship or climbing a mountain, playground frames offer endless possibilities for imaginative play.

We understand headteachers and purchasing managers often look to enhance their school’s outdoor facilities, providing a safe and engaging outdoor learning environment for pupils. School playground frames and climbing towers are an integral part of such procurement requirements.

Here at AMV Playgrounds, we are proud to have been in business for over 35 years and are one of the longest established manufacturers within the UK playground equipment and outdoor sports industry.

Safety and durability considerations

Here at AMV Playgrounds, we understand that play frames and towers are not just investments in physical infrastructure within a school or nursery, but in the well-being and development of children.

As a result, we ensure that our play frames and towers, and the rest of our playground furniture, are manufactured to the highest standards regarding safety and durability.

We use the highest quality materials in every playground furniture piece, including galvanised steel, high density plastics, and treated woods, to ensure it stands regular use and the test of time.

All our playground equipment is made in our UK-based factory, by skilled tradesmen, and comes with an extensive 25-year warranty against rust and corrosion.

Popular play frames and towers

Eatock Play Unit

The Eatock Play Unit is a vibrant multi-functional play frame that enhances any playground environment. It combines three 1200mm high platforms, each with a fun activity panel and linked via a rope bridge and enclosed tunnel.

Eatock Play Unit

It is a modular unit and can be combined with other play frames and playground furniture in our range, to suit your school’s requirements.

Please note, it requires a minimum area of 8800mm x 6750mm for installation.

Multi-Play Quad Tower

The Multi-Play Quad Tower is a stylish and practical play frame and tower unit. It combines stairs, a tunnel, a slide, bridges and a climbing frame.

Multi-Play Quad Tower

All entry panels, barriers and handrails are constructed from HDPE. The deck heights are 1500mm and 1200mm with slip-resistant decks and treads designed to BS EN 1176 standards.

Madera Climbing Frame

The Madera Climbing Frame is a popular play frame for schools. Due to its unique and robust construction, several children can climb the frame at a given time. It combines a ladder, climbing net, climbing and sliding pole, tumble bar, and rotating climbing plates.

It is constructed of stainless steel and painted to achieve a natural look.

Madera Climbing Frame

Why buy your play frames and towers from AMV Playgrounds?

Our team here at AMV Playgrounds works with headteachers, bursars, and purchasing managers daily. We also work closely with architects, main contractors, and sub-contractors who are working on educational projects.

So whether you work at a school or you are working on a school project in any capacity, we are here to help. Our team will help with playground equipment recommendations, technical advice, materials selection, equipment designs to suit your specific school and much more.

We have an uncompromising commitment to the very highest standards of quality in the design and construction of play frames and towers.

Our approach to playground design focuses on creating spaces that challenge and engage children, encouraging physical activity, imaginative play, and social interaction in a safe setting.

Our range of play frames and climbing towers are designed to aesthetically enhance your school playground environment, while also provide additional functionality and durability where they stand the test of time and prove to be a sound investment.

We are here to help realise your vision of a better playground environment for your school’s children.

Contact our team today on telephone 01704 898 919, email, or view the product selections above.