Hungerhill School's Outdoor Dining Canopies by AMV Playgrounds

Hungerhill School's Outdoor Dining Canopies by AMV Playgrounds


Hungerhill School, a coeducational secondary school located in Edenthorpe, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, partnered with AMV Playgrounds to revamp its outdoor dining spaces. The collaborative effort aimed to create a dynamic and comfortable setting that goes beyond conventional norms.

The Setting

Situated in a vibrant community, Hungerhill School caters to a diverse student population. Recognising the significance of cultivating a positive social atmosphere, the school administration identified the outdoor dining area as a pivotal space for improvement, aiming to establish an inclusive and engaging environment where students could enjoy meals and socialise.

The Solution

AMV Playgrounds collaborated closely with Hungerhill School to understand their specific needs and challenges. Following a comprehensive site assessment, the proposed solution involved installing two expansive outdoor dining canopies. These canopies were designed to offer ample space for seating and protection from adverse weather conditions and create an aesthetically pleasing environment in line with the school's values.
The installation process was efficiently managed by AMV Playgrounds, minimising disruptions to the school's daily operations. The project was completed within the agreed timeline, enabling students to quickly benefit from the upgraded outdoor dining experience.

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AMV Playgrounds successfully delivered an all new outdoor dining area to the school with minimal disruption, resulting in a transformative project that improved the overall educational experience for students. The large outdoor dining canopies not only provided practical solutions but also contributed to the school's commitment to creating a positive and nurturing environment for its students.

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