Playground markings are applied to the surface via the use of heat, they are highly visible and very hard wearing. AMV provide a large range of playground markings from small traditional games, and handy educational markings, to large sports pitches that fill the playground. The markings come in a range of colours and are suitable for all ages, whether is primary school, high school or a public park.

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Playground Markings

Playground markings are engaging designs that transform ordinary playgrounds into vibrant, interactive learning spaces, which support curriculum goals, promote physical activity, and foster social skills among children.

Perfect for outdoor playgrounds within schools and nurseries, playground markings are a simple, cost-effective, and impactful addition to any school.

Playground Markings

As children skip over numbers, negotiate maze-like trails, or hop through a game of Twister, these ground designs serve to give structured fun as well as interactive learning spaces.

Explore our extensive range of designs, including simple shapes and numeracy designs, mazes, sports courts and educational games.

At AMV Playgrounds, we have dedicated over 30 years to creating playground equipment that exceeds expectations, delivering the best possible return on your investment. Playground markings are a big part of our offering, and not only help headteachers design and choose suitable markings, but also take care of installation.

Benefits of playground markings

Playground markings are an important investment for headteachers and purchasing managers in the health, development, and well-being of children.

One such benefit is they foster cognitive growth in children. By incorporating games that require counting, spelling, or problem-solving, children can develop essential cognitive skills in an engaging and enjoyable way.

A simple number grid, such as our Counting Ladybirds markings, can teach children about sequences and patterns, while our Giant Chessboard Solid can enhance strategic thinking and planning abilities. These activities stimulate brain development, improving memory, concentration, and analytical skills.

Playground markings also make learning fun! By transforming traditional classroom subjects into interactive outdoor activities, children are more likely to engage with educational content. For example, our Phonic Frog markings is a fun and involving way for children to grasp the notion of phonics.

Another benefit playground markings bring to schools and nurseries is they encourage physical activity, helping to improve the health of children.

Activities such as hopscotch, mazes, and sports courts or MUGAs get children moving, helping them to burn off energy and stay fit. And they not only help with children’s fitness, but they also help children to develop their motor skills and coordination.

For example, following a road track marking requires children to steer and balance, enhancing their hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. These skills are not only vital for physical development but also for performing everyday tasks effectively.

The final benefit of playground markings includes improving social skills, self-esteem and teamwork among children. Games that require multiple participants, such as hopscotch, Snakes and Ladders, and What’s the Time Mr Wolf, encourage children to communicate, collaborate, and share turns. These interactions are crucial for developing social competence and building positive relationships.

Popular Playground Markings

1-10 Caterpillar

The 1-10 Caterpillar is a colourful and vibrant playground marking designed for nursery schools and Key Stage 1 children. It features numbers 1 through 10 and can include "0" for enhanced numeracy games. This marking aids in numeracy, helping children learn numbers through interactive play.

Constructed of durable thermoplastic material, it will stand the test of time with daily use and with the unpredictable British weather!

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Shuttle Run

The Shuttle Run playground marking is a dynamic and engaging activity designed to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and competitive play among children.

Suitable for ages under 5, 5-7, and 7-11, the markings create a structured game where children line up in teams and take turns running to numbered shapes before sprinting to the finish line. This interactive game enhances gross motor skills, cooperative play, and competitive spirit.

Straightforward and easy to install by our team here at AMV Playgrounds, it can be set within a day minimising any disruption to your playground space.

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Snakes and Ladders

The 1-64 squared Snakes & Ladders Half Solid playground markings is a vibrant, engaging adaptation of the traditional board game.

It features 300mm x 300mm thermoplastic squares arranged to create a snakes and ladders game on your playground, perfect for children aged 5-11.

Schools and nurseries will benefit with an enhanced visual appeal with colourful, eye-catching graphics. The markings are made from robust thermoplastic, ensuring longevity and resistance to weather and wear.

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Large World Map

Our Large World Map with Continents is an educational and visually engaging tool designed to help children learn geography in an interactive way.

This colourful map displays all continents in different colours along with the names of the main oceans.

It is a vibrant design that adds visual appeal to a school playground, is incredibly low maintenance as it is easy to clean, and very durable and long-lasting.

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Contact us today with your playground markings requirements

Every school is unique, and we believe your playground should reflect that. We offer fully customised playground markings that cater to your specific requirements and preferences.

Here at AMV Playgrounds, we understand that budget constraints are a significant consideration for headteachers and purchasing managers. That is why we offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our products and services.

Our goal is to provide value for money, ensuring that you receive durable, high-quality playground markings that fit within your budget.

If you require help in selecting the right playground markings for your school, talk to our team who will be happy to help.

We speak to headteachers and purchasing managers on a daily basis, helping them with product recommendations, technical advice, and much more. We aim to make the process of selecting the right playground equipment as simple as possible, giving you more time to concentrate on other areas of your school.

We also work closely with architects, main contractors, and sub-contractors who are working on educational projects and looking to specify suitable playground equipment.

All our playground equipment is made in our UK-based factory, by skilled tradesmen, and come with an extensive 25-year warranty against rust and corrosion.

Finally, AMV Playgrounds is fully committed to minimising potential negative impacts on the environment arising from our company’s operations. This is in line with the UK Government’s Net Zero Strategy.

We are here to help realise your vision of a better playground environment for your school’s children.

Contact our team today on telephone 01704 898 919, email, or view the product selections above.