Fishing Boat

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Children can explore their imagination as they play on this colourful fishing boat with built in seating, ships wheel and slip resistant flooring. The handy roof will shade them from the suns harmful rays as they play.

Age Suitability:

Under 5, 5-7, 7-11

Length 3434 mm
Height 1815 mm
Depth 1265 mm
Key Stage:
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2

Play Values
This product supports the following areas of child development.

Gross Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills
Visual Stimulation Visual Stimulation
Role Play Role Play
Imaginative Play Imaginative Play
Co-Operative Play Co-Operative Play
Communication Skills Communication Skills


The Fishing Boat is constructed using pre-assembled modular sections that bolt together on site. These modules are fully customisable in the colours, graphics and style that you want for your project and they can be made longer or shorter simply by adding or removing modules to suit your budget or to fit your site. The modules are easy to install and can be freestanding or anchored down with "L" brackets (supplied separately).