Environmental Policy

AMV Playgrounds Solutions Ltd is fully committed to minimising potential negative impacts on the environment arising from the company’s operations and this is an integral part of our overall business objectives and considered crucial to our continuing success. As a manufacturer, installer and procurer of playground equipment and associated products, we ensure that our operations are fully complaint with the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation and current best practice and encourage the adoption of comparable standards by our suppliers and sub-contractors.

Setting Standards

We ensure that we establish standards and management procedures to meet them to comply with the requirements of all relevant environmental legislation and current best practice. We review and update our understanding of these requirements on a regular basis.

We ensure that the necessary resources are identified and allocated to implement the policy and the environmental management system fully and successfully.

We set regular objectives and targets to minimize our environmental impacts and ensure continual and measurable improvement in our environmental performance and throughout the Environmental Management System.

We have established, and maintain, procedures for minimising the potential occurrence of, and mitigating the impacts of, environmental incidents to prevent any pollution and nuisance.

We take environmental performance into account when selecting sub-contractors and suppliers and encourage our supply chain to meet our standards.

Objectives and Targets

Seek to reduce consumption of materials in all operations, reuse rather than dispose wherever possible, and promote recycling and the use of recycled materials. Where appropriate, take environmental issues into account when selecting or proposing the use of specific materials as consumables or as temporary or permanent works materials.

Aim to achieve energy efficiency in offices and the use of plant and vehicles.

Reduce, wherever practicable, the level of harmful emissions from any activity. Ensure that all waste materials are dealt with appropriately, in accordance with any Site Waste Management Plan, and in accordance with all legal and other requirements and ensure that records are kept to confirm this.