Story Telling Area

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The all-weather 'once upon a time' storytelling chair with flower top stools adds colour to your outside quiet area whilst creating an ideal environment to bring storytelling to the outdoors. Storytelling stimulates the imagination and helps develop literacy skills and a love of reading.


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Play Values
This product supports the following areas of child development.

Inclusive Play Inclusive Play
Auditory Stimulation Auditory Stimulation
Reading & Storytelling Reading & Storytelling
Phonics & Spelling Phonics & Spelling
Emotional Development Emotional Development
Co-Operative Play Co-Operative Play
Communication Skills Communication Skills


AMV have developed a range of seating to suit the needs of early years children through to adults. Seating can be used for outdoor learning, dining or social interaction and can incorporate features which encourage children to use their imagination by transforming a functional seat into a play station. The steel seating offers a longer lasting and low maintenance alternative to wood or plastic, with the added benefit of bringing life and colour to quiet play areas. The slatted design promotes rainwater runoff which means that the seating will dry quickly after rain.