Playground Shelters & Canopies

As quality playground designers with bespoke in-house capacity our range of school playground shelters and canopies can be tailor made to provide an outdoor classroom for play and curriculum work.

Shelters offer affordable protection from the elements not only for outdoor learning but also for parents collecting their children from school.  Most playground shelters include seating but this is optional.

All AMV shelters and canopies are designed to allow full visibility, avoiding unwanted potential hiding places.

The provision of roller shutter doors and panels fitted to basic canopies provides the ultimate flexibility of a warm and pleasant classroom providing protection against inclement weather and a fresh air environment when the weather allows during school time.  After school time with the shutters closed and locked the area becomes part of a secure establishment.

The AMV fencing and gates with grass and flower profiles add an interesting feature to a canopy.  Children are kept safe, dry and protected from the sun due to the roofing panels which filter out harmful UV sunlight.