Sheffield Cycle Toast Rack - 5 Hoop (Galvanised)

Product Code
This galvanised 5 hoop toastrack can hold up to 10 bicycles, each stand accommodates two bicycles, one each side. Suitable for both junior and or adult bicycles.


Age Suitability:

7-11, 11-16, Over 16

Length 3000 mm
Width 750 mm
Height 800 mm
Diameter 48 mm
Key Stage:
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4

Play Values
This product supports the following areas of child development.

Strength Strength
Gross Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills


Children are being encouraged to walk, cycle and scoot to school to help reduce obesity and to improve the carbon footprint, they arrive brighter and more alert as the exercise reduces stress and increases creativity both of which will help a child’s performance in the classroom. AMV offer a range of standard and made to measure bicycle and scooter storage solutions starting with basic stands and racks which can be installed independently through to covered and lockable storage areas.