Trapeze Monkey Bars (Single Post)

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The range of Monkey Bars and Ladders help children to develop upper body strength, skill and co-ordination as they work their way across.
Age Suitability:


Length 3000 mm
Width 90 mm
Height 2390 mm
Key Stage:
Key Stage 2

Play Values
This product supports the following areas of child development.

Stretching & Flexibility Stretching & Flexibility
Strength Strength
Hanging Hanging
Hand-eye Co-ordination Hand-eye Co-ordination
Gross Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills


When children engage in physical activity, their senses are engaged, growing awareness and understanding. The trim-trails create an agility course that can be tailored to suit the age group, flooding the senses with a range of skills including balance, strength, climbing, stretching and co-ordination. They encourage inclusion and problem solving and are a good way to encourage exercise for those children who struggle to engage in team sports.