Street furniture in commercial projects - what are the obvious and less obvious benefits?

Street furniture in commercial projects - what are the obvious and less obvious benefits?

Street furniture is more important than ever in commercial environments and plays a much bigger role than simply aesthetic enhancements. It provides a multitude of functional and social benefits.

Clear benefits of integrating street furniture into commercial projects are the added style and functionality to the immediate environment. By adding products such as benches, picnic seating, planters, litter bins, recycling bins and cycling shelters, organisations add value to their existing building by providing additional amenities to their employees and visitors.

The less tangible benefits of designing street furniture into commercial environments focus more on the social aspects. Benches, picnic seating and other seating areas encourage socialising and create a sense of community within the workplace.

A well-designed outdoor area encourages people to sit, relax, and interact with each other, promoting a happy and healthy workforce. It also increases pride in the outdoor space and deters anti-social behaviour.

Safety is also a hidden benefit for the people using outdoor spaces. Simple traffic management with the addition of barriers, bollards and intelligently positioned lighting for dark evenings, can improve security and peace of mind.

The workplace wellbeing agenda is growing in importance, particularly the topic of mental health. This then creates a more productive and positive workforce, that takes fewer sick days and promotes longevity with businesses decreasing levels of staff turnover. Increasing the possibilities of coming into contact with nature through full planters and green spaces can also have significant health benefits. 

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