Playground Sports Equipment and a Sheltered Space for The Halifax Academy

Playground Sports Equipment and a Sheltered Space for The Halifax Academy


AMV Playground Solutions provide a full suite of playground sports equipment and a new sheltered space to The Halifax Academy, an all-through 4-16 school located in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.

The Setting

Having diverse age groups sharing the playground space it was decided to section off an area specifically for early years. As well as dividing the large space for ball games to help with organisation among the classes.

The Solution

AMV worked with the school to divide the external spaces into separate areas with a covered space for early years, a new football/basketball court and a tennis net.

Items chosen...

  • Early Years Enclosed Canopy
  • Multi-Sport Goal units supporting football, basketball, hockey and cricket
  • Steel Tennis Nets
  • Playground Markings


The steel goal structures help to create seemingly enclosed court space for ball games to be played safely. While behind sit the steel tennis nets that further divide the space and allow for the option of tennis or segregated break time play space.
The canopy and fence surrounding the early years' play area along with the vibrant and fun playground markings have created a new space for the younger pupils to enjoy and also act as an area to extend the classroom outside.
The result is an easily managed playground space that is adaptable to all ages and allows for multiple age groups to have break times at the same time.