AMV Playground Solutions introduce Sanitisation Point

AMV Playground Solutions introduce Sanitisation Point

In light of the current COVID-19 global pandemic, AMV Playground Solutions have been prompted to design and bring to market a new Sanitisation station to their portfolio of products. This is a design solution that simplifies personal cleanliness and hygienic waste disposal outside the safety of our own homes.

The Sanitisation Point is a practical and  attractive piece of functional furniture, suitable for both public and private spaces. It has been designed for indoor use and can be found in many communal areas such as offices, supermarkets, schools and foyer areas.

Each unit has been practically designed to offer functionality at a basic and accessible price point. 48hr lead time available for small quantities from current stock. For larger quantities, lead times would be 2-3 weeks.

It has a simplistic clean design that works both as a hand sanitation station and also a distribution point for other essential personal hygiene items. Disposable gloves, masks and wipes can be accessed here

The system is uncomplicated and intuitive to use, it includes a hygienic bin with steel liner to ease the collection of waste. Specific decals can be applied to the side panels for clear visual instructions to aid the user.

The pre-drilled holes on the front side of the station allow the unit to be equipped with a battery powered automatic dispenser of hand-sanitizer or with a stainless steel universal bottle holder.

The body of the unit is available in either stainless steel or powder coated steel, with front side panels coated in a RAL 9010 smooth finish and lateral sides coloured in a choice of 7 RAL colour options.

The basic model includes pre-drilled holes on the front panel, a compartment with front door and handle for the positioning of wipes, disposable gloves or masks and includes sticker pictograms that can be applied externally. The front door has 2 laser cut openings, to aide the dispose of waste, and a triangular key spring lock. The whole unit has adjustable feet making it suitable for all environments.

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