State Schools Overlooking Competitive Sport?

June 30, 2014

A recent report from Ofsted’s chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw has suggested that a large percentage of state schools are overlooking competitive sport and treating it as an “optional extra”.

AMV is proud to have provided many state schools with equipment to facilitate and encourage competitive sport
The report, “Going the extra mile: Excellence in competitive school sport” was commissioned following the 2012 London Olympics and raises the point that too many elite athletes come from private schools.

We strongly believe that this can be counteracted by providing all schools with the proper facilities in which pupils can be encouraged to take part in sport. The report goes on to say that fewer than one in 10 pupils in the UK attend fee-paying schools, but more than four in 10 of all the medal-winning British athletes at London 2012, as well as half of the gold medal winners, were privately educated.

Sir Michael said:

“Heads who treat competitive sport with suspicion or as an optional extra are not only denying youngsters the clear dividends that come with encouraging them to compete, they are also cementing the social inequality that holds our nation back.”

He continued: “A third of our youngsters who excel in sport across different disciplines come from the independent sector. If you strip away football, it’s more like 50%, particularly in national sports like rugby, cricket and swimming.

“We’re saying it’s really not good enough.”

The Ofsted report also found that the quality of competitive sport provision correlated with wider academic achievement in other subjects. It also suggested that too few state schools recognise the wider values that competitive sport could bring.

Here at AMV Playgrounds we advocate the correlation between sports and academic achievement and believe that activity in schools directly supports academic, physical and mental achievement.

As a provider of sports units such as Basketball and Netball hoops, MUGAS (Multi Use Games Areas) and Tennis Nets as well as a range of playground markings, we work closely with many state schools to actively promote competitive sport as an essential element of pupils’ progression.

Inactivity within schools at “crisis” level

March 7, 2014

DSCF1957The level of inactivity amongst school pupils is at an all-time high, and overall academic performance is being affected, according to the former UK Head of sport Baroness Sue Campbell.

Lady Cambpell is of the belief that more active pupils will have greater esteem and generally perform to a higher level in school. She points the government’s recent £150 million investment in improving facilities and encouraging better exercise, as a step in the right direction.

“The Government investment in primary PE and sport announced last year can make a significant difference in schools if spent wisely, I firmly believe that head teachers should focus this money on up skilling their teaching workforce to ensure sustainable improvements in PE can be made.”

This positive action by the government comes after a recent report announced that almost a third of school-age children in England are overweight and between 14% and 20% of these children are obese.

As a leading supplier of School playground equipment, AMV are committed tackle the problem of inactivity amongst schools and look forward to helping bring about a change in the current trend.

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How Mysterious That The Decades Of Practice Still Requires So Much Research.

November 4, 2013

The ‘Teachers Who Coach Newsletter’ 04.11.13 carries two news items:

 The content within the news items on the subject of PE in schools with proposals and counter proposals would lead a passing observer to believe that the topic of ‘the delivery and effects of Physical Education in schools’ is a new invention.

 AMV a company, who wishes to deliver an appropriate and quality service to schools for Sport, PE and Play often combining all three elements within one project, find it difficult to keep pace with research, opinion and politics. 

New Academic Research Fits Well with the Observations of AMV’s Clients

October 22, 2013

The following statements appear in the article on BBC News dated 22nd.October (

Exercise ‘boosts academic performance’ of teenagers.

Intensive exercise improves the academic performance of teenagers, according to new research.

The study by the universities of Strathclyde and Dundee found links between exercise and exam success in English, maths and science.

The study, of about 5,000 children, found physical activity particularly benefited girls’ performance at science.

PE and sport help all round good performance which is evident as shown on our web site video and is confirmed by the contributors. (

Heygarth Primary School Outdoor Development

October 11, 2013

Important as the provision of PE and sport facilities are in the outdoor areas of a school, Heygarth Management identified the need for a tranquil and reflective zone to support the social and emotional needs of their children.

In collaboration with ‘Ness Gardens’, botanic gardens that are part of Liverpool University, the scheme included Nature Zoning Panels, Feature Fencing with Gate, Friendship Games Benches, Metal Bird Feeding Station and Insect Attracting Plants.

Expressing their needs through nature, reading and peer to peer group support will provide a natural support network that can be maintained within the wider community.  Using this space as an activity and reflection zone will provide support for those members of the community that lack the confidence and self-esteem to interact through sport based programmes.