Special Needs

Here at AMV, having a self-contained team of experts who design, manufacture and install all AMV equipment, means we are in a unique position to offer a personal bespoke approach and are able to tailor-make to specific requirements or amend existing items to accommodate special needs.  This may include, for example, wheelchair friendly ramps, handrails, wheelchair accessible picnic benches, larger balancing areas to encourage balance and co-ordination etc.

One project we are particularly proud of is the design and manufacture of our table cricket equipment.  The AMV team were asked to design a table cricket product which was quick enough to assemble by children or helpers and this was successfully achieved.  A further enhancement to the product, the magnetic see through rebound panels on the table, are now proving to be a real “hit” and the optional green version will be in use for the Table Cricket finals this year.

We can also design and produce a variety of activity panels which aim to stimulate sound and touch senses, demonstrating AMV’s flexible and customer oriented approach.