Seating & Tables

AMV as playground designers have developed a range of  seating to suit the needs of early years children through to adult.  Seats can incorporate features which encourage children to use their imagination transforming a functional seat into a play station or to encourage quiet social interaction and academic pursuits away from energetic activity.

The Picnic Bench comes with or without a games top option.  This robust table is galvanised and powder coated in a wide range of colours to give years of maintenance-free usage.  They are available in 3 sizes to suit nursery through to adult.  Games tops can be tailored to individual needs with games, charts, pictures etc, or your own design or school logo.

An important feature is the provision of wheelchair access when needed.

The seating and tables offer a longer lasting and low maintenance alternative to wood or plastic, with the added benefit of bringing life and colour to quiet play areas. The panels are designed to allow maximum drainage which means that the seating will dry quickly after rain.