School Playground Markings

All weather thermoplastic school playground markings add vibrant colour to playgrounds and last ten times longer than paint.  Used alongside the AMV playground equipment in the form of pitch and court markings allow games to be played under regulation conditions.

Whilst hopscotch and activity trails help children with counting, hopping, dexterity and rule following the caterpillars, snakes, spirals and shapes stimulate the young imagination, improving colour, number and letter recognition skills.

Thermoplastic playground markings like roadways are ideal for teaching the green cross code and road safety awareness, when laid in foundation and nursery areas they can be used to segregate bicycles, tricycles and pedal cars from the general play area.

Maps, compasses and solar systems backup lessons in the classroom and are good in assisting outdoor play. Whilst football pitch markings provide an excellent way to utilise larger open spaces.

Footsteps and designated areas can be utilised within schemes or simply installed on their own, footsteps and paw prints can lead the way, be it to a designated area such as a fire drill meeting point, buddy stop or quiet area, different colours could be used for each class.