Fitness Trails for School Playgrounds and Community Areas

The Fitness Trail equipment helps to aid co-ordination and balance whilst improving general fitness, upper and lower body strength and cardiovascular fitness.

The Fitness Trail, as with all AMV equipment, is made of vandal resistant steel, which is galvanised and powder coated to offer many years of use with the minimum of maintenance.  Unlike wood, the steel dries quickly after rain and won’t split, distort or lose its appearance with the effects of weather.

The ten fitness items illustrated are designed to give a full body workout.  However, as a company who offer bespoke services, AMV can tailor your chosen design wheter to add to the range, or to create a totally different layout.

AMV can offer a full range of safety surfacing and grass matting.

The fitness trail is ideal for use during PE/games lessons and also during the extended school day.  Combined with a Traverse Wall, this can become a most enjoyable way to exercise.