PlayTronic Tin Can Alley Reactions Game Panel


The Tin Can Alley Reactions Game Panel is a compact sized version of the popular Fairground Sideshow Panel.

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Age Suitability:
Length 1200 mm
Width 800 mm
Key Stage:
Key Stage 1
Key Stage 2

Play Values
This product supports the following areas of child development.

Gross Motor Skills Gross Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills
Competitive Play Competitive Play
Visual Stimulation Visual Stimulation
Tactile Stimulation Tactile Stimulation
Inclusive Play Inclusive Play
Auditory Stimulation Auditory Stimulation
The Tin Can Alley Reactions Game Panel is a compact sized version of the popular Fairground Sideshow Panel. This game is easy to play and can be very addictive by generating a lot of competition trying to beat each other's best scores. This game features a narrated introduction and final score announcement, the LED light rings illuminate and flash in a random sequence and when the stainless steel sensor plates are touched the light goes out, the unit plays a sound (quack, tin can, glass smashing or target noise) and you score a point. Each game lasts approx 30 seconds. This game is supplied to run off battery power as standard, however you can specify this unit with a mains power adaptor for hard wiring and also solar power is available. All AMV Play Panels can be wall mounted or mounted onto posts fixed into the ground. Multiple panels can installed side by side or back to back. Please ask for further details of the options available.


Narrated instructions and scoring Fun sounds for play feedback Ultra-reliable commercial grade electronics 3 year electronics guarantee


HDPE panel construction
LED lights and sound panel
Polycarbonate LED light lenses
Stainless steel sensor pads
Recycled plastic posts also available

Safety Surfacing Required


Finishes available

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