Double Slalom Skier

Product Code: AMVSG-OG-2009BHG

The Double Slalom Skier provides a workout for both the quadriceps and calf muscles, in a fun and innovative way!

£ 1,580 excl. VAT

Price includes delivery & installation

Age Suitability:
Length 1150 mm
Height 1234 mm
Depth 900 mm

Play Values
This product supports the following areas of child development.

The Double Slalom Skier mimics the slalom skier action. The right to left leg action provides an intense workout for both the quadriceps and the calf muscles. The equipment also works on the lower abdominal muscles and helps to promote good balance and good posture. This is an excellent piece of equipment for cardiovascular activity and can be used by anyone of any ability and age. Another very popular piece of equipment that, as the name suggest, mimics the slalom skier action of right to left leg movements. Good for both balance and cardiovascular exercise. All age groups love this equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Colours for outdoor gym equipment has now changed from green and beige to green and anthracite grey.


Ideal for any age and ability Low Impact on Joints Improves Balance and Posture Improves Co-ordination Provides a Cardiovascular Workout MUSCLE GROUPS Legs, Core, Hips, Glutes USERS 2 Users

Safety Surfacing Required


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